About Me


Call me Jenn.

I consider myself lucky enough to grow up in Central Oʻahu. I have two younger siblings.

I’m a proud graduate of Leilehua High School and the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa with bachelor degrees in Journalism and English, and a minor in Political Science.

If you ask my friends or co-workers, they’d likely describe me as an overachiever.

'Bend your knees! Sway your hips!"

I've danced hula for practically my whole life. It's one of my great joys.

My kumu (teacher) constantly reminds me to dance with all my heart.

"Bend your knees! Sway your hips! Minoʻaka! (smile)," she yells.

In a way, dancing is an extension of what I love to do — tell stories.

An amateur hiker.

Pre-pandemic you would find me at coffee shops and malls... Not anymore! I've grown to love hiking and the great outdoors.I mean, just look at this incredible view from the Hanauma Bay Ridge! Even on an overcast day, mother nature impresses.


Foodies, unite!

There's nothing I love more than food!

Squid lūʻau, sashimi, yakiniku... you name it! There are too many dishes to taste and not enough of me to try all of it. 

I'm almost always willing to try new cuisine.

A thirst for adventure.

California's Disneyland and the Chicago Bean are cool and all, but have you been to Seattle or Maui? They're my favorite places to explore.

Fun travel fact: I was 27 when I saw snow for the first time in Wisconsin.

My bucket list destination? London.

A passion for producing.

There’s no greater honor or responsibility than sharing stories in and about my community, creating history and sparking dialogue. 

Every day is a new challenge with another story just waiting to be told.